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Anger Issues

Sessions on average: 8-12


We have all experienced anger at some stage in our life.  It could've been when we are angry at a friend or at a family member for something they have or haven't done,or it could be anger at something on the news, an injustice that makes our blood boil.  Anger is a normal human response.  The problem occurs when a situation regularly moves from being occasional anger to having anger issues. 


Most people are able to hide their anger from friends and colleagues, unfortunately it is our loved ones who see the problem the most.  This is because they are the closest and the safest to be with. for some happens so often that it becomes a problem. Regular anger can cause difficulties with relationships, families and jobs.

Its the psychological issues and life experiences that are likely to develop into anger problems i.e., unresolved problems (or abuses). Overtime if the feelings are not managed or resolved they start to impact our ability to control them or to respond appropriately.

People who are already vulnerable can also find it hard to stop internal anger, or control their anger even when faced with mild stress.

With Solution Focused Hypnotherapy at The Willows Hypnotherapy I can provide support to manage & alleviate the angry outbursts.  Using neuroscience clients are able to identify how the negative thoughts and subsequent reactions are created.

By using a combination of psychotherapy techniques and trance I can facilitate the process of recovery and by explaining how the brain works, why & how anger is created and what we can do about it my client's are active & engaged in all the sessions.  This process allows the client to think more clearly, rationally.

The Symptoms of Anger Issues


  • Physically abusing others

  • chest tightness or palpitations when angry

  • increased levels of adrenaline & high blood pressure

  • calling others demeaning or rude names

  • getting into physical fights often

  • threatening others

  • yelling to get your point across

  • bursts of energy

  • tremors/shaking


  • ongoing intense emotional state of anxiety

  • triggers for fight/flight response

  • lack of patience

  • procrastinating

  • being forgetful

  • racing thoughts

Changes in Behaviour​

  • being easily irritated 

  • showing no patience for others

  • going rapidly from calm to furious

  • blaming others for all life problems

  • loss of friends through fear

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