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Initial Consultation for just £30 & a free relaxation upon booking a follow up session or package.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to resolve a number of psychological issues.  When someone is experiencing a hypnotic trance it is easier to access their subconscious mind which is more aware & therefore more open to making positive changes.   


The process is very natural, in fact each of us experience a trance every single day.  For example, when you are watching the television or you are reading a book, you often don’t realise how time has passed or your thoughts have drifted elsewhere.  In this instance you have entered a self-induced hypnotic trance. 


In this self-induced trance state you are very relaxed but intensely focused ensuring the mind is open to suggestion.   Any suggestions from a professional hypnotherapist help change negative thought patterns (rather than control the mind) ensuring that clients remain in control, acting only on the information they choose to be useful and appropriate.


study in 2009 showed that Alpha and Theta waves are generated when we are in a trance state.  Alpha waves are produced when we wake up and subsequently nicely relaxed or when we meditate. Theta waves are produced when we are in a light sleep state.  The study showed that when clients, on an EEG machine, were in a hypnotic trance they switched to Theta/Alpha waves subsequently becoming very relaxed.  This then enabled them to picture solutions, ideas and change.


Equally, & unfortunately, the subconscious can also be the source of many issues.  I am qualified to help you to resolve those issues.

What Is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy?

Many people understand that Hypnotherapy is something that is 'done' to them; that they explain their issue to the therapist who then simply hypnotises their problem away, as if by magic.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a combination of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.  The difference between this process and “stand-alone” hypnotherapy is that SFH can to bring about long lasting results by focusing on now, the future and avoiding the negative past. 


By combining Solution Focused Brief Therapy with the most effective aspects of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) & CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), using the very latest neuroscience and brain research SFH is an amazing tool to help clients achieve their goals, change their mindset, find solutions & move forward.   The first step, and generally the hardest, in this process is booking & attending the first appointment.  

Many people believe that Hypnotherapy is something that is 'done' to them; that they explain their issue to the therapist who then simply hypnotises their problem away, as if by magic.  Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a collaborative process and it is important to understand that change happens because you want it to and because you are prepared to take the necessary steps to allow it to happen.

An Initial Consultation, necessary before any treatment, is designed to assess what you want to achieve, how Hypnotherapy can help you, and how many sessions you are likely to need.  Subsequent Hypnotherapy sessions involve psychotherapy & hypnosis. During the first part of each session we'll talk about the progress you have made, and I'll be encouraging you to express yourself positively, focusing on solutions rather than dwelling on problems.

I'll help you to imagine your preferred future, a future where you have a more useful perspective on the quality of your life. I'll then guide you into a relaxed state of Hypnosis so that we can consolidate what we have discussed.

For anyone willing to make changes to the way they think & behave, then Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can be very successful helping clients reduce anxiety & stress related issues as well as relieving the symptoms of depression.

What is Psychotherapy?

There are many different kinds of Psychotherapy, all of which aim to help people overcome stress or emotional problems. Psychotherapy involves talking together to help clients overcome their difficulties. Psychotherapy is often referred to as a 'talking treatment' and accounts for around 50% of a SFH session.

The Psychotherapy I practice is Solution Focused Therapy which is future-oriented. It is designed to reduce anxiety and promote calm in the mind. As the name suggests, it focuses on solutions for the future, rather than analysing problems of the past.

Provided you are willing to make changes to the way you think, the therapy can be highly effective in relieving the symptoms of anxiety and stress. Focusing on solutions means we do not dwell on problems.

Instead we:

  • acknowledge where you are currently

  • identify where you want to be

  • help you to make the necessary changes

Who can it help, and how?

Solution focused hypnotherapy helps with a whole range of issues such as  stress and anxiety,  depression, confidence and self-esteem, panic attacks, fears and phobias, insomnia, managing your weight, stopping smoking, and even just for relaxation.  It is about the present and future rather than the past.  


In your sessions, you’ll be asked to set realistic goals for the future and will be able to take those steps towards achieving your goals.  Hypnotherapy is used to help lower feelings of anxiety and to help to replace those negative thoughts with positive ones.

With Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, Will I Have To Tell You About My Painful Past?

The type of Psychotherapy I practice does not involve analysing painful memories from the past. If you have experienced unpleasant events, we acknowledge they happened and help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

As Solution Focused Hypnotherapy focuses on what you want to achieve (the solution) and we are able to spend very little time on the past (the problem). You only need to tell me what you want to tell me at the initial consultation, we will assess how they are affecting your life today then I will pull together a treatment plan to help you to get back to living the life you choose.

What does hypnosis it feel like?

You are likely to have already experienced a Hypnotic state, it happens to each and every one of us on most days.

Have you ever driven home and not remembered how you got to your destination, or have you not absorbed a page in a book & re-read it a couple of time? Have you drifted away in a meeting at work or in the classroom?  If so, you've been in a state of focused attention, not unlike daydreaming really. 


In this very relaxed state your mind is more open to suggestion which, in a therapeutic setting, is used to help you change negative thought patterns.

Each person may experience the state of trance differently. People generally claim to feel heavy, lightness or feel tingling over the body.  You can often hear everything that is being said and you are totally in control.

Is it possible to stay hypnotised?

No, you can come out of hypnotherapy whenever you choose.  You certainly cannot get stuck in a trance forever & you are more likely to fall into a sleep.  At the end of the trance, I usually begin to talk with a bit more volume and I ensure I mention the clients name which tends to do the trick. 


Additionally, however, when the music, used during the trance session, finishes most of my clients automatically wake up. Finally, REM sleep, which is replicated in trance, takes a lot of energy so clients will wake up when they run out of energy.

Can anyone be hypnotised?

Most people can go into a light trance and do so every day when they are daydreaming for example.  This is normally adequate to achieve a therapeutic outcome. 


During the 1st session some clients find it difficult to relax but that doesn’t impact the effectiveness of the session and over time this always improves.  Clients do however need to be committed to the process and be dedicated to getting better.

What happens when you are in trance?

Hypnotic trance is a natural state and nothing to be afraid of.  We go into trance many times a day such as when we are driving, out for a run, or even watching TV.  


Hypnotic trance works by allowing the conscious mind and subconscious mind to work together and focus on the same thing and is a powerful tool to help to make those positive changes to our lives.

Can Hypnotherapy make me do something I don’t want to do?

Hypnotherapy cannot make you do something against your will. Contrary to the popular stage or film image, hypnosis does not involve the therapist taking control of your mind. No one can get you to do things that you do not want to do. If a suggestion is inappropriate for you, your mind will just ignore it. 


To be hypnotised we must allow the process to take place by relaxing.  The client must feel relaxed and comfortable & at ease to be hypnotised.  Stage hypnotists tend to work out the best subjects for the performances and look out for extroverts and people who are likely to be easily susceptible.

Will hypnotherapy make me do silly things?

You always retain ultimate control and can reject any suggestions that you dislike or find difficult to accept.

Nobody can make you do anything you do not want to – your subconscious mind will simply reject any suggestion that is inappropriate for you.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of treatments really does vary dependent on the issues we are tackling & the client buy-in to the whole process.  Every course of treatments is different however & based on my experience I can give an estimate of the number of sessions potentially required after an open and honest initial consultation. 


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a relatively shorter therapy, on average my clients require between 8 & 12 sessions for anxiety related issues, approx. 4 sessions for a simple phobia however this is assessed in detail at the Initial Consultation.

Are sessions available over the telephone?

Unfortunately not.  All session are available either face to face or on-line only, however if you have any questions relating the sessions then please send me a message or call me on 07931 515607

What do the sessions involve?

Most solution focused hypnotherapists work in the same way.  


Our first meeting will be for an initial consultation which usually takes around 50 minutes.  This session is used to gather information about you and what you would like to achieve.  I will assess all this information and advise whether I think Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you.  


I will then help you to understand how the brain works, how it creates your symptoms and what we can both do about it.  If you decide to proceed, you will be sent a link to a relaxation audio which you must listen to every night before you go to sleep up until your first session.


Subsequent sessions are also 50 minutes in duration and include a trance session.  During this appointment we will measure your outcomes together so that you can see your progress and start to make those changes to your mindset that will last throughout your life.

What conditions do I work with?  

All the conditions I work with are detailed on my conditions page however if you are unsure about your symptoms and therefore your condition then please send me a message or call me on 07931 515607

How much do the sessions cost? 

I offer individual sessions or packages of 6 and 10 sessions which include the relaxation audio, a multiple session discount and a refund on the cost of the initial consultation which is already included in the advertised price.

How do I book an initial consultation?

The face to face or online Initial Consultation is compulsory before proceeding with any treatment.  The cost of the Initial Consultation is refunded when you book a package of 6 or 10 sessions (the discount is included in the advertised price). 


An appointment can be booked here however if you have any questions beforehand please send me a message or call me on 07931 515607.

How do I book an appointment?

If you have not had an in person or online initial consultation with me then please book this in the first instance.  Read more about the initial consultation then book a session here:

After this session us both determine how best to help and proceed.  If you have already had an initial consultation you can book any of my hypnotherapy sessions or packages here:

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