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The Initial Consultation is just £30 with a free relaxation upon booking a follow up session or package.

Child Therapist

Initial Consultation

How can I help you?

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The Initial Consultation is the first step on the hypnotherapy journey and is a necessity before proceeding with any treatment.  It is an opportunity to discuss your symptoms in detail & how hypnotherapy may be able to help. During the consultation I will gather some relevant information, including some basic health information, which will help me determine the best course of action and how we can work together.

Unique to Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, we spend time looking at the brain.  We explain how our mind works, how depression, anxiety, OCD, phobia's etc. are created, how we can suffer the way we do & what we can do about stopping those symptoms.

 We will then run through how solution focused hypnotherapy works including an explanation of trance, clarifying the commitment required to the process and finally an approximate number of sessions I believe will be required based on the information provided.

There is absolutely no commitment to go forward with treatment but this session will give us a chance to get to know each other & for you to ask any questions. 

All clients must book an initial consultation before proceeding with any of my hypnotherapy sessions.

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