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Insomnia & Sleep Issues

The Symptoms of Insomnia


  • feeling tired after waking up

  • reduced energy.

  • increased risk of severe health issues

  • reduced concentration & focus

  • tension headaches (feels like a tight band around head)

  • difficulty falling asleep at night

  • waking up during the night

  • waking up too early

  • clumsiness & increased accidents


  • anxiety & stress

  • low mood

  • Irritability

  • obsessed with the act of sleeping.

Changes in Behaviour​

  • Difficulty socialising - In severe cases, may prevent you carrying out everyday activities, such as eating out or meeting friends.

  • New irritability, snappy with friends & family

  • Poor performance in job or school.

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What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is an issue with sleep where the sufferer finds it hard to fall asleep, finds it hard to stay asleep &/or cause them to wake up too early unable to return to sleep. 

The amount of sleep we need is different for each of us however on average most adults need around 7 to 8 hours per night,  children 9 to 13 hours & toddlers/babies 12 to 17 hours.


Most adults will suffer from a short-term insomnia, which can last for days or weeks, less than 3 months. Insomnia which lasts longer than 3 months is called long-term insomnia. 

What causes Insomnia?

Insomnia is commonly caused by anxiety and stress but the sleep pattern can also be affected trauma.

There are a collection of short term causes which can disrupt the biological clock e.g.:

  • shift work - especially where there is irregular work pattern.

  • new regular/short term noise,

  • a room that's too hot or cold,

  • an uncomfortable bed,

  • alcohol, caffeine or nicotine,

  • recreational drugs like cocaine or ecstasy,

  • jet lag often disturbs sleep pattern for a couple of days.

  • nightmares

Insomnia could also be the result of medical conditions such as 

It is essential that if you are suffering from Insomnia you contact a medical professional to rule out any medical conditions before considering an alternative treatment.

With Solution Focused Hypnotherapy at The Willows Hypnotherapy I can help you manage the anxiety, stress & trauma which have caused your insomnia by alleviating the symptoms and finding solutions. 

By using a combination of psychotherapy techniques & trance I can facilitate the process of recovery and by explaining how the brain works, why & how ansomnia is created and what we can do about it my client's are active & engaged in all the sessions.  This process allows the client to think more clearly, rationally.

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