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Our Services

All treatments are on a one to one basis either on-line via Zoom or in my calm & restful therapy room in Highburton, Huddersfield.

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Initial Consultation

The Initial Consultation is the first step on the hypnotherapy journey and is a necessity before proceeding with any treatment.  


It is an opportunity to discuss your symptoms in detail & how hypnotherapy may be able to help.

Session Time: 1 hour

However or wherever you choose to proceed you will be made to feel comfortable & welcome in an open & honest atmosphere.  I am here to listen without any judgement and help you regenerate & grow.  Your well being is my priority.


All information provided is treated with absolute confidentiality with all documents locked away securely and are password protected.​

Hypnotherapy Sessions

This hypnotherapy session is for clients who have already attended the Initial Consultation and have decided to proceed with treatment.  This can be a single session or part of a package for anxiety & depression related issues including OCD, IBS, & the many different manifestations of anxiety.


Each session lasts around 50 minutes and includes  psychotherapy including CBT & Brief Therapy, focus on encouraging a positive mindset, progress scaling, goal setting and finishing with a trance session also includes trance.

Session Time: 50 Minutes

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Colleague Well Being

This session provides  teams / managers / directors - all colleagues - with the ability to understand how mental health issues are created & also understand how they can help them themselves & support others on a day to day basis.

The session is interactive with an open & friendly approach providing life skills and tools to use at home and at work. It also includes a 30 minute relaxing & calming meditative session.   Aimed at 10 to 15 people the session can be adapted to & extended for larger groups

Session Time:  90 Minutes

Stop Smoking

The "Stop Smoking" session is very effective for anyone wanting to kick the smoking or vaping habit.  We all know how smoking impacts our health and what the short and long term effects can be but some find it so hard to stop.


Monday can start with good intentions that often don't make it passed lunchtime.  What are the triggers that can lead to the habit starting up again after hours, days, weeks or years? 

Session Time: 2 Hours

Sue talking to a client

Calm Mind Session

Recommended for anyone who needs to relax after or during a particular stressful time where there is no long term impact.  It can also be a treat to yourself, a mind massage, to help refresh and restore calm & focus.

This is a bit of a mind massage, a 25 minute trance session where you will experience a safe hypnosis state leaving you feeling relaxed & calm.  The use of your imagination, positivity & relevant metaphors will help drive this mindset.

Session Time: 25 Minutes

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