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Stop Smoking

You Have the Power

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Our "Stop Smoking" treatment is very effective for anyone wanting to kick the smoking or vaping habit.  We all know how smoking impacts our health and what the short and long term effects can be but some find it so hard to stop. Monday can start with good intentions that often don't make it passed lunchtime.  What are the triggers that can lead to the habit starting up again after hours, days, weeks or years? 

Once it has been determined that you truly wish to stop either smoking or vaping, we need the mind on our side, it can be easy to make that change.

Each treatment consists of one comprehensive 2 hour session which flows over 3 sections

Part One

We discuss health, triggers, habits as well as your smoking history.  We look at how the mind works in relation to smoking.  This will stay with you long after the session is over i.e. in 5 years time after a hard day at work, a row or when someone offers you a cigarette after 5 drinks.  This section takes around 40 minutes

Part Two

Then we move on to discussing information about how the habit develops but also how the power of the mind helps you succeed.  

Part Three

Next you lie on the couch for around 40 minutes of hypnosis. This is where you use your mind in a fundamentally different way in relation to what you want to change.  After this final part you will be sent a download to help reinforce the process.

You will remain totally in control throughout the session.

This treatment is available via Zoom or in my therapy room at Highburton, Huddersfield

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