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An Image of Sue Wimpenny sat in the therapy room
The Willows Hypnotherapy Regenerate & Grow

Hello, I'm Sue!


Hello, I'm Sue from The Willows Hypnotherapy.  I am a fully qualified clinical solution focused hypnotherapist working with clients face to face in Huddersfield, the surrounding areas of West & South Yorkshire and online across the UK.  


Have you just been getting by and/or been living with issues for a long time & without the right support?  Imagine what you could achieve with your life with new skills & tools, enabling you to get control of the issues which are holding you back or getting in your way.  


My clients are adults, young people and children (+10 years) and they come to me about their symptoms of depression as well as a variety of issues which are rooted in anxiety, including: 

  • stress, 

  • self-esteem & confidence issues

  • general & acute anxiety 

  • fears & phobias  (vomiting, spiders, dogs, flying etc. etc.

  • a fear of childbirth

  • insomnia

  • and IBS


I also help clients and their birth partners to prepare for childbirth.   


Building a strong, professional & friendly relationship with you is a priority from the outset. As a result, many find they can trust and open up to me. This shared information helps me build a program that’s personalised to you & this gives you the best chance of success, working together!


Not only that, you may find that you:

  • Are more relaxed & calmer, 

  • Deal with situations based on a proper assessment of what is going on 

  • Cope better with life and all it has to offer

  • Have a renewed ability to focus on the present and the future

  • Able to find rational & positive solutions

  • Using the tools learnt to make lasting changes outside of the sessions

  • Are seeing an improvement in sleep quality which can occur quickly

  • Are seeing results relatively quickly

An image of Sue Wimpenny the owner of The Willows Hypnotherapy

My Story

For 35 years I worked across manufacturing, wholesale & retail industries in buying, merchandising & admin roles up to management level.  I have changed jobs and career a few times and I have worked with the best people (and sometimes the worst).  As a result I have experienced the stresses, the anxieties, and the worries that those types of environments can bring.


Additionally, either myself or members of my close family have faced relationship anxiety, exam anxiety, postnatal depression, lack of confidence and self-esteem issues, loss and grief.  This means I am able to relate to the majority of my clients enabling me to fully understand what they are experiencing.


A change in circumstances led me to looking at how I could help others with these types of conditions, and I discovered Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (SFH). I enrolled, trained and graduated and here I am, a practising clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, and I love every minute of it. 


I am passionate about helping you make a positive difference in your life.   If I sound like the type of therapist you could get on with,  why not get in touch?  Email me to set up an initial consultation today, I'd love to hear from you.​​

Following my training I see the world in a much more balanced way and now I ensure I have a life away from work. 


​I have a fantastic (at times) husband,  2 wonderful (occasionally) boys, 2 cats and a dog, Willow.  ​I love walking in the countryside with my husband & my son’s, along with Willow (the inspiration for the name and my little therapy dog).  We love the Lake District, we often go for weekends away there, but we do love to discover our beautiful & varied country, sampling the sights, sounds & food wherever we go but I also love the sunshine so when possible a trip abroad can be justified.  On top of all that I enjoy a spot of gardening - I'm not an expert but I find it is a great way to clear my mind. 


I also like to read, my head is usually in a book relating to hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, the brain – it’s interesting stuff honestly - or a good old fashioned "who dunnit".   Downtime is essential for my mental health & for all the family, so we prioritise that for all of us.

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