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So what is it all about then?

This natural, gentle & complimentary process is an effective therapy which enables me to help people regenerate & grow.   

The hypnotherapy I use in my practice is called Solution Focused Brief Hypnotherapy (SFH);  it is a blended approach which combines talking psychotherapy with the relaxing trance of hypnotherapy.

A SFH session is divided into 2 parts with the 1st half using a combination of the Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) approaches.  

During this first half we focus on positivity, & we avoid the negativity & traumatic events from the past.  This is when you are encouraged to find positive solutions, understand the brain science & focus on achieving future goals moving forward one small step at a time. 


This approach is very different to some ‘conventional therapy’ which involves focusing on historical issues we believe that you don’t need to focus on the problem in order to find a solution.  

Essentially, I then combine these psychotherapy approaches with a calming relaxing trance for the 2nd half of the appointment.  This reinforces the message of the psychotherapy and the goals you have set; much more effective than just talking about it.  The trance also helps create change allowing you to move forward in small steps within a relatively quick time frame & break negative behaviours.

Life coaching

When both these approaches are used together they can be a very powerful combination you see the progress you are making week on week.

Trance is very ordinary, you go into trance many times a day, when driving, reading a book, watching the television or (dare I say it) in a meeting.  Ever been driving somewhere, lost in thought and you can't remember how you got to your destination?  When we are in that state, we have access to the subconscious mind and that helps us enormously.


SFH is also influenced by modern research into how the brain works; how depression, anxiety, OCD, phobia's & confidence issues are created.  Therefore, as a brain-based therapist, I am able to use the latest neuroscience & research to educate and empower you so you can understand what is happening, what is making you behave, think & act the way you are and what I am able to do to help you to use your own initiative, to innovate and find the real you.


My goal is to induce a state of relaxation, where the brain will work hard to come up with the solutions you need to move forward. 

My room is a dedicated space which is welcoming, comfortable &  relaxing.  Based in my home, there is plenty of free parking and fewer comings & goings ensuring that it is a quiet private space where you are able to relax & focus more easily. 

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