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Each of my fantastic clients will be asked to read and sign a Client & Clinic Agreement.  Part of the agreement is to confirm that The Willows Privacy Notice has been read & understood.

Both details of both documents are detailed below.

Client & Clinic Agreement

  • The client will always be treated with respect and care.

  • Disclosure of all information during therapy and consultations remains confidential.

  • The therapist has a professional obligation to report any concerns to relevant authorities if they believe the client intends to cause harm to themselves, the therapist, or others.

  • A query on suitability or conflict of therapy with other treatment practitioners may have to be sought occasionally, with client permission.

  • The client agrees to aspects of their case being discussed with a supervisor, if necessary, on an anonymous basis.

  • If receiving medical treatment of any kind, it is recommended that a professional diagnosis is sought, to assist the therapist & to inform those professionals of your interest in Hypnotherapy.

  • A full copy of The Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy’s Code of Practice is readily available & complies with that of the CNHC, a Department of Health supported Register.


Treatment Consent

  • The therapist has fully explained the procedures and treatment.

  • I will listen to the relaxation download, provided by The Willows Hypnotherapy, every night.

  • I will be effectively focused, engaged & participating in the content & process of each of the sessions to help ensure the success of the treatment.  This includes attending regular appointments as recommended.

  • Although my ‘belief’ in my ability to change is not so important, I understand the treatment’s success is linked to my ‘wanting’ to change & therefore to my full commitment to the sessions.

  • I accept the fee & agree to pay the full fee at the start of each session or online prior to the session.

  • I accept that I must give a minimum of 48 weekday hours’ notice prior to the start of the appointment for cancellation to receive a refund.  Otherwise, the full fee will be charged.

  • I accept that if I have booked a course of treatments any missed appointments or those cancelled without the required notice will be deducted from the outstanding number of sessions in that course.

  • I understand that on-line appointments are available if I am unable attend the clinic for my appointment e.g., snow, transport issues, illness (incl. COVID) etc.  All appointment email confirmations include a “Zoom” link.

  • Respect for the client and therapist will be constantly maintained. 

  • When legally required masks must be worn throughout the session.  Hand sanitiser is provided and clients are asked to use this upon entry and exit of the therapy room.

  • I understand that it is my responsibility to inform the therapist of any contact with or symptoms of COVID in advance of a hypnotherapy session. The therapist will re-arrange the appointment if they themselves encounter or start to display symptoms of COVID.

  • The majority of clients experience positive results in a relatively short space of time.  Ultimately it is down to the client to engage in this therapeutic process, demonstrate a willingness to change and commit to regular appointments.  Results cannot be guaranteed.

GDPR - Privacy Notice

How will my data be stored?

In May 2018 the Data Protection Act was replaced by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Suzanne (Sue) Wimpenny is GDPR registered. The changes to the Data Protection Act are aimed at ensuring that your personal, confidential and sometimes sensitive data, is held privately and securely. This means that any data you give to Sue must be processed in a way that you agree with. GDPR exists to protect your rights as a consumer. It applies to your identifiable data, e.g. your name and address & any reason you might have for visiting Sue. It also covers any session records, text messages or emails between Sue and yourself.

How long will you hold my information for?

Sue is a member of the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). As such she is bound by their regulations regarding the length of time she must hold onto your information. The CNCHC insists that Sue must hold onto your data for 8 years after your final session. However, the rule for children is different and the CNHC stipulates that their data must be held until their 25th birthday.  The exception to this rule applies to young adults whose treatment ends when they are 17 years old when Sue must keep their records until they reach their 26th birthday. Client records will be destroyed in the January after the dates given above. This is in line with NHS regulations for holding data.

What if I would like my data to be destroyed before this date?

Under the GDPR rules, you are able to request the deletion of any of your records at any time.  Simply write to Sue requesting that your records are destroyed and once she has confirmed your identity, she will do so. There is no charge for this service. Sue will then ensure that all your paper records are shredded with a cross shredding machine. Any electronic data held by Sue, such as emails or text messages will be permanently deleted from the devices they are stored on. NB. Sue will need to save the written deletion request you sent her but would destroy any other data.

Am I able to see or get a copy of the information held by you?

In line with GDPR, if you send Sue a request in writing, specifying the data you wish to see, she will supply you with a copy of your data within 30 days. Sue will need to confirm your identity before sending you the information. There will be no charge for this service. NB. Sue’s insurance company’s legal team may wish to verify any information she sends out.

What are your Reasons for collecting this information?

Sue is keen to offer the highest quality support to her clients and to do so she will collect the following information:

  • An idea of what you would like to achieve by coming for hypnotherapy,

  • A small amount of medical information 

  • Some brief session notes

  • Your contact details

  • GP contact details

  • CORP research data

  • Some basic information about your important others

This information allows Sue to provide continuity within the sessions, in order to help you towards your goal. This information will allow Sue to refer to the content of earlier sessions and previous discussions. Sue will only use your contact details/address and GP’s details with your explicit consent. See client agreement and initial consultation sheet. The CORP research programme collects unidentifiable information for the purposes of producing scientifically measured outcomes for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.

How do I know that Sue will store my information securely?

  • Paper session notes – Sue only keeps paper notes until they are transferred to electronic storage.  Once processed the documents are shredded within 48hours

  • Electronic session notes – Sue keeps all electronic session notes on an external hard drive.  The hard drive is stored in a secure safe when not in use.

  • Text messages – Sue’s work phone is secured with fingerprint recognition or a passcode.

  • Emails – Sue’s email account requires a user name and password.

  • CORP research data - accessed via a password protected programme on password protected tablet.

Are our discussions within the hypnotherapy sessions confidential?

Everything you discuss with Sue during your sessions remains strictly confidential. Occasionally it may be necessary for Sue to discuss elements of your sessions with her supervisor to ensure that she is helping you in the most effective way. However, no identifying features about you will be disclosed during these discussions. Sue’s supervisor is also registered with GDPR.

What if I see Sue outside of a hypnotherapy session?

Sue is obligated by GDPR to protect your confidentiality at all times. So, for this reason, although she may acknowledge you, it would be ideal if any further conversation relating to your sessions & treatment could be avoided.  However, if you wish to discuss your therapy with other people, that is your choice and you are welcome to do so.

Will Sue discuss information about me with other health & social care professionals?

Sue is only able to contact other health and social care professionals with your written consent.  Should she write to your GP, to notify them that you have entered into a therapeutic relationship with her, or to notify them that your therapy has been satisfactorily concluded, Sue would require your signature in line with GDPR requirements. Sue does have a “Duty of Care” towards her clients, so the only exceptions to this would be if she believed that you were about to harm yourself or others. Should this occur then Sue would be required to inform the relevant authorities”. However, Sue would always aim to discuss this with you before taking any action. Legally, Sue would also have to provide the police with information as set out in a warrant or court order, should the situation arise.


Who is the Data Controller and what is their ICO registration number?

Data Controller is Sue Wimpenny, The Willows Hypnotherapy, Mead Way, Huddersfield, HD8 0TG.


This policy was last updated 5th June 2022.  It may be updated at any time, so please check back regularly to ensure that you're aware of the latest version.  

ICO Registration number: C1132871

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