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Hypnotherapy for Children

Hypnotherapy for children can be quick & effective.  They have great imaginations & are often more open to hypnotherapy than adults because they are more suggestible & don't have any preconceptions (like stage hypnosis).

When a young person is struggling with their mental health, they don't understand what is wrong; either way this can have a serious impact on parents and the family.  

It is important that children want to attend the appointment & make a change because without their buy in the sessions are unlikely to be effective and could make certain issues worse.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a forward thinking approach that is very safe for children.  I don't use regression & I give them tools to move forward enabling them to feel confident, safe & comfortable.

Average number of sessions: Is dependent on condition.

Minimum Age: 10 years old and suitability for hypnotherapy can be determined at the Initial Consultation

Life coaching
Girl in Therapy

If you wish to book an initial consultation at a time to suit you and receive answers to any questions you may have, click on the link above.  Alternatively fill out the Enquiry Form and I can give you a call back to discuss this in more detail

Using a more more fluid approach with children than with adults there is an emphasis on imagination & visualisation which they can practice every day & are therefore very comfortable with. 


I don't make assumptions about how each session will go but I base all appointments against the plan I have made & with the clients goal in mind.  I work with the children to help them understand how they can make a change & how they wish to feel in the future.

Some of the areas I cover with children & young adults are:

  • Anxiety: health, social, family, friends, exam, separation

  • Obsessive thoughts & compulsive actions

  • Bed Wetting (nocturnal enuresis)

  • Soiling Underwear (Encopresis)

  • Anger & Managing Emotions

  • Bereavement 

  • Behavioural problems

  • Thumb sucking

  • Sleeping issues

  • Tics & Habits


I can also help with managing the symptoms of ADHD following an official diagnosis.

Initial Consultation with a Child/Young Person

At the IC I take into account their age & determine maturity to ensure each session is personalised.  Then I obtain information about the issue from the child & find out what they want to achieve.

An explanation of the brain & hypnosis is simplified & adapted to meet their age requirements & any questions are a 2 way process so the client can express any concerns.

Subsequent Sessions

These are quiet & relaxed sessions talking about what's been good about their week, re-visit the brain, any changes they will have seen & how that is happening.


I use stories (metaphors) & positive affirmations & use an age appropriate scaling system to help them measure their progress.  We discuss & agree the next steps along that scale & follow with a calming affirming hypnosis session.

Father and Son
An image of Sue Wimpenny the owner of The Willows Hypnotherapy.

Focus for Sessions

  • building a strong relationship

  • a friendly informal approach

  • games & associations

  • using age appropriate language patterns 

  • use the children's ideas

  • expecting the unexpected

In order to ensure total focus I prefer to meet my younger clients face to face to help them focus.  On-line sessions work better if a parent or guardian can remain present throughout to help avoid distractions.  

Parents can attend each session however they are asked to remain quiet unless specifically asked a question by me  or their child. If all parties are happy to do so I can work without the parent/guardian in attendance however I will require a signed consent form.  I am DBS registered.

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