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Initial Consultation is just £45 & you receive a free relaxation download when booking a follow up session or package.

Female Patient

Hypnotherapy Sessions

You Are in Control

This hypnotherapy session is for clients who have already attended the Initial Consultation and have decided to proceed with treatment.  Each session lasts around 50 minutes and includes some psychotherapy, focus on encouraging a positive mindset and finishing with a relaxing & calming trance session.

During each session clients are encouraged to discuss what's been good about their week and what is the next small step they can take towards their goal of being who they want to be.  We will be using positive aspects of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy & Solution Focused Brief Therapy to help work through symptoms & look with a positive outlook.  This process is then combined with trance in order to strengthen the positive "doing" message and which helps clients move forward relatively quickly.

This session is not suitable for stopping smoking. 


You will remain totally in control throughout the session.

This treatment is available via Zoom or in my therapy room at Highburton, Huddersfield

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