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Stress is the body's reaction to feeling threatened or under pressure.

When we are stressed, our body releases a hormone called adrenaline (the "fight or flight" hormone), which usually gives us a boost or motivates us to act quickly.


Unfortunately too much stress can affect our mood, our body and our relationships – especially when it feels out of our control. It can make us feel anxious and irritable, and affect our self-esteem.


Average number of sessions: 8 - 12.

Tree Roots

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Long-term or severe stress can lead to "burnout" but the things that cause stress vary from person to person; we can all tolerate different levels meaning the levels you are comfortable with may be higher or lower than your colleagues, friends or family.  Stress usually occurs when we feel we are unable to cope with or control the challenges we face e.g. pressure at work, school or home, illness, or difficult or sudden life events.

Causes could include:

  • upbringing and experiences as children or adults

  • personal problems like relationship issues

  • life changes, like moving house, having a baby or bereavement

  • money worries, housing issues or job problems

  • health issues, either for you or someone close to you

  • pregnancy and parenting

  • loneliness or feeling unsupported

With Solution Focused Hypnotherapy I will provide support, knowledge & tools to help manage & alleviate the symptoms of stress & being overwhelmed.

By using a combination of psychotherapy techniques and trance I facilitate the process of recovery.  We talk about the neuroscience & I explain how the brain works, why & how stress is created and what we can do about.  My clients find the solutions they need to as we work together & they find their way to being who they want to be; thinking more clearly & rationally

An image of Sue Wimpenny the owner of The Willows Hypnotherapy.

The Symptoms of Stress


  • difficulty concentrating

  • struggling to make decisions

  • feeling overwhelmed

  • constantly worrying

  • being forgetful


  • headaches or dizziness

  • muscle tension or pain

  • stomach problems

  • chest pain or a faster heartbeat

  • sexual problems

Changes in Behaviour​

  • being irritable and snappy

  • sleeping too much or too little

  • eating too much or too little

  • avoiding certain places or people

  • drinking or smoking more

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