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The Reassurance of Membership: Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy

Embarking on the transformative journey of solution-focused hypnotherapy demands more than technique; it requires a foundation of professionalism and ethical commitment. In this blog, I delve into the significance of being a member of the National Council of

Hypnotherapy (NCH), the National Board of Modern Psychotherapy (NBMP), & the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH), coupled with holding a recognised solution-focused hypnotherapy diploma. Beyond the codes of practice and CPD requirements, I show run through the personal reassurances derived from being part of these organisations.

Professional Competence and Ethical Practice: Being a member of NCH, NBMP & AfSFH instills a sense of reassurance in terms of professional competence and ethical practice. The NCH Code of Conduct advises that "members must adhere to high standards of ethical conduct, integrity, and professional competence." This is resonates deeply with the NBMP

Code of Practice, emphasising the commitment to maintaining high standards of professional competence and conduct. The ASFH Code of Conduct adds depth, stating that members must "abide by the highest ethical standards and always act in the best interest of the client."As a practitioner, this shared commitment ensures that ethical considerations and professional competency are at the forefront of every one of my sessions, a reassurance for my clients (& myself).

Client Trust and Safety: The commitment to client well-being is a cornerstone of these organisations, providing a bedrock of assurance. NBMP's Code of Practice mandates that "members shall conduct themselves at all times in a manner that is in the best interests of the

client." which is also key for the NCH. ASFH builds on this by specifying that practitioners must "endeavour to create a relationship of trust and understanding with each client." These commitments build trust & safety for clients, and as a practitioner, it is reassuring to know that these principles are not only embraced but actively enforced through organisational membership.

Quality Assurance and Regulation: Central to each organisation, the ASFH adds a layer specific to solution-focused hypnotherapy. NCH recognises and awards hypnotherapy diplomas, ensuring members have received appropriate training. NBMP mandates members to have received training in solution-focused hypnotherapy from a recognised provider. ASFH complements this by specifying that members must "hold an accredited or recognised qualification in solution-focused hypnotherapy." This layered recognition ensures a standardised and reputable foundation for the practice of solution-focused hypnotherapy.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD): For practitioners committed to growth and staying at the forefront of their field, the emphasis on CPD is particularly reassuring. NCH emphasises that "members are required to engage in CPD activities to enhance and maintain

their professional competence." Similarly, AfSFH complements this by encouraging members to "engage in regular supervision and continuing professional development activities.". As a hypnotherapist, the reassurance lies in the acknowledgment that professional development is not only encouraged but is a vital component for maintaining excellence in practice.

CPD Hours Requirement and Supervision: In the past 12 months I have undertaken 59 hours of CPD. The detail of CPD requirements and supervision is an additional reassurance to be taken from membership in each of these organisations. NCH outlines a specific minimum of 15 hours of CPD per year, while NBMP sets a minimum of 30 hours. This commitment to ongoing learning ensures that I am continuously evolving, staying up to date with the latest advancements in hypnotherapy. Additionally, the requirement for regular supervision, adds an extra layer of reassurance. Supervision is not just encouraged; it's an integral part of professional development, fostering reflection and ensuring the highest standards of care for clients.

Personal Reassurances as a Practitioner: Beyond the codes of practice and organisational requirements, there are personal reassurances that come with being a member of each of the

AfSFH, NCH and NBMP. Knowing that you belong to organisations that actively uphold and promote ethical standards, prioritise client welfare, and advocate for ongoing professional development creates a sense of professional identity and community. As a solution-focused hypnotherapist, the reassurance comes from being part of a collective effort to elevate the standards of the field, contributing to its growth and credibility.

In the realm of hypnotherapy, membership in these bodies, combined with holding recognised diplomas, provides a multi layered reassurance. Beyond the regulatory frameworks and professional standards, the personal reassurances of ethical commitment, client well-being, and ongoing professional development create a sense of confidence.

As a practitioner, these memberships are not just about membership; they are about having a community to help, support & guide me, helping me along a continuous journey of growth, and therefore an assurance that I offer the best possible care to clients.

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